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I can’t find a query that does....

New queries can be created using the query builder. See the tutorials for more details. Alternatively contact us with the details and we will be happy to help. If you have made a query that you think will be of use to other users, let us know and we can make it publically available.


How do I cite SHAARE?

Please see the cite page.


How can I search for the same gene in a different species?

The homologs of a gene in other species can be found using the queries in the Homology section on the front page or on the report page of your gene. Using orthologs allows you to find genes in species with different types of experimental data. 


How do I download data?

Once you have run a query it is possible to export the results using the export button on the header bar above the table (see screenshot below). The export button provides several options.   


Select the format you would like such as 'Spreadsheet (tab separated values)' to export the whole table. Alternatively you can choose 'FASTA' format, which creates a file that contains all the sequences of the proteins found in the results. It is also possible to include additional columns in the results and reorder them by selecting the 'choose columns' button. To export a subset of the results select the 'Specific Range' button. Once you have made your selections simply click the green 'Download' button.