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Tutorial 2. Report page

Each entry within SHAARE has a report page. This page serves as a summary of all the information present within the database that relates to that entry and provides web links to external resources such as the MGI and ZFIN databases.

All report pages have the same basic structure: The top part provides basic information for the entry itself, whereas the lower part shows information from other data sources that are relevant to this particular entry. The 'Quick Links' bar across the middle moves the page to the different data source sections below. The 'External Links' section provides web links to external databases and the 'Lists' section shows any lists which have this entry including lists you have created yourself.

As an example the report page for gene 'MAPT' is shown below. The top section shows the different identifiers of the gene with a brief description. Below this is information from other data sources that are relevant (linked) to this particular gene. For example the summary section has the Gene Ontology annotation of the gene showing it is involved in neuron migration. The homology section show the same gene in other species (these can be clicked on to show the report page for that gene and so show any species specific experimental data). The expression section will show you any experimental evidence for expression for that gene for that species. The orange quick link bar below the top section can be used to take you directly to the corresponding data section.

To the right of the data tables is a 'Lists' section which shows if this gene is in any of your lists. If you have created any of your own lists (see tutorial 5) a button will appear that will allow you can add this particular entry to it here (as long as it is of the same type). Below this are the 'Links to other Mines'. These are sister databases to SHAARE and may contain additional information about the gene. The 'External Links' section contains web links to the relevant gene entry in the public databases where the data was originally taken from.