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Tutorial 4. Results Page

The results of a query are displayed as a table. An example of the results page is shown below. Any entry in the table can be selected to bring up its report page. At the top right of each column title box is a small button that produces summary statistics for that column and allows sub-selections of the results. 

Above the table is a menu bar with various options which allows page navigation, the page size to be changed and further columns can be added.  

Entries can be saved to a new list or to an existing one using the 'Create / Add to List' button. Either select the entries individually, or tick the checkbox on the table header to select all. Then select the 'Create List' or 'Add to List' buttons on the results menu bar above the table. More information regarding lists and the My Account feature can be found in the following tutorial.

The Export results section allows the table to be exported in comma separated or tab separated format which is compatible with most spreadsheets including MS Excel. If proteins are in the results you can 'Export to Fasta' to export the sequences of the proteins in the table in FASTA format.